A breif introduction for the services we provide

Ocean Freight

Transportation of your precious cargo safely via ships

Air Freight

Transportation of your urgent goods by aircraft

Inland Freight

Transportation of your cargo through trucks inland

Consolidation & Distribution

We handle consolidation of cargo and its distribution

Warehousing & Speciality Handling

We provide warehousing, crating, labeling and packing

Project Logistics & Management

We manage logistics projects from planning to completion

Vehicle Shipping

We provide various types of transportation for vehicles

Speciality Cargo

We handle refrigerated, high value products and oil cargo

Customs Clearence

We provide customs clearance service for any shipments at all ports


Customs Clearance

We are one of the largest clearing and shipping companies in the Sultanate of Oman. We provides customs clearance service and transportation including import and export at all entry and exit points to the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to the strength of the company in the clearance and shipping work for the following factors:

  • Provides a skilled team with experience in the work of customs documents up to 17 years.
  • We are one of the most prestigious company used for clearing shipments in Sultan Qaboos Port in Muscat and Sohar Port
  • We have Specialized offices and experienced staff are available 24 hours a day at the entry and exit points of the Sultanate of Oman, such as the Hatta Border, Al-Wajajah Border, Wadi Al-Jizzi Border, Hafeet Border, Khatmat Millaha Border, Sohar Port, Muscat International Airport, Sultan Qaboos Port and Salalah Port.
  • Adequate knowledge of customs clearance procedures and dealing with all import and export business on a permanent or temporary basis or on the basis of exemption from customs Including dangerous shipments.

Air and Sea Freight

We have connected to a global network of famous shipping companies, which includes the giant companies in the industry and local medium sized freight companies.

  • Door to door services from anywhere in the world at affordable prices.
  • High speed transport.
  • Special care for shipped materials.
  • Follow-up and reporting services at any stage of shipment.

Road Transport

We provides transportation throughout the Sultanate and to all the GCC countries, regardless of the condition of the road, where you transport all types of cargo and specialized in bulk cargo. We guarantee you the lead in this field.

  • Our company owns and operates a diverse fleet including tractors, cranes, trucks and locomotives in various forms such as flatbed flatbed, low surface, long surface, triangular axis, air suspension and others.
  • Extensive experience and great potential to handle large volume shipments
  • Make spaces for supply routes before starting.
  • Provide economical and secure solutions.

Project Logistics & Management

We have extensive experience in handling shipments of any project in the Sultanate of Oman and has provided marine logistics services for a number of major projects. The company's strengths in dealing with project shipments are as follows:

  • Provide a skilled team to deal with projects and serve as project manager.
  • Carry out complete logistics work from external business to site operations, including global shipping, maritime supply, delivery and dispatch of shipments.
  • Provide full communication between all stakeholders such as maritime logistics suppliers, customers and vendors.
  • Special experience in dealing with large volume shipments.
  • Adequate knowledge of clearance of duty-free shipments.
  • Arrange for the temporary importation of equipment for engineering and procurement contractors.
  • Provides a skilled safety team to oversea operations.
  • Excellent performance record.

Handling Freight of Heavy and Large Cargoes

  • We specializes in transporting bulk cargo. We work closely with the companies and partners to handle the shipment of heavy and large cargoes.
  • As the company has implemented most projects in the Sultanate of Oman, it has gained extensive experience in dealing with heavy and large cargoes.
  • Our fleet is also equipped with specialized equipment from heavy equipment companies and our partners to deal with loads weighing more than 50 tons and bulk cargo.
  • To carry out heavy or heavy loads, the company conducts a survey of the tracks to identify the obstacles and dangers and to obtain the necessary permits from the competent authorities.

About Us

We are constantly driving the development of logistics solutions – locally, nationally and globally. Our services and self-conception ensure the sustainable success of our company as well as societal acceptance.We are already among the Oman’s leading logistics services providers.

Office Address

Location : Al Nowras Transport & Customs Clearance,
P.O Box 388, P.C. 324, Shinas, Al Makhtabi Building, Al Wattayah
Sultanate of Oman
Tel : (+968) 2560606
Fax : (+968) 2560603
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